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At EnviroQwest Inc., we have a dream for a better planet.  Our aim is to eliminate the waste of precious water and reduce energy use, as well as protect our natural resources.

What We Do

We partner with industry leaders to deliver you innovative, eco-friendly, convenient, and sustainable building products.  

Partner With Us

We recognize that everyone has a part to play in our ecological footprint.  The products in our current portfolio are designed to assist you in living more sustainably.



AutoHot's residential and commercial systems work towards a more sustainable future, as they both lessen the impact of water, natural gas and energy (kWh) consumption. 

Eddy Home

Water damage is the #1 risk to your home:

 stop water damage before it happens.

One Eye Industries

This technology filters contamination to sub-micron levels with minimal flow restriction and maximized equipment efficiency. 

HydroFLOW Canada

Hydroflow is the solution provider for residential, commercial & industrial water treatment requirements. 

MgO Systems

Geo Hybrid Construction Systems: changing the way construction is done, for a better planet.  


Elite Solar Systems

Elite creates specialty tubular skylights and solar attic fans so you can enjoy free natural sunlight from sunrise to sunset in your home, office and/or warehouse. 

More Products

Systern Rain Barrels

 As part of the Norseman Environmental brand of products, the SYSTERN Rain Barrel can lower municipal water demands and save energy at water treatment facilities by reducing water pollution and storm water runoff. Rain water, free from chlorine and water treatment chemicals, is an excellent water source for lawns, plants and gardens. 

 -Unique shape and neutral color that blends into any garden-scape

-208 litre / 55 gallon capacity 

-Content of up to 50% recycled materials 

-Mosquito mesh to keep bugs and leaf debris out

-Lid that can be screwed onto base for added safety 

-Easy installation with existing downspouts 

-Overflow hose that can be linked to another SYSTERN or  can be directed away from the house 

-Contoured, easy-to-use spigot 

-Installation instructions, spigot, screws, overflow hose and clamp  included 

-Other colors availability 

-Cover included 

-stacks for easy storage

$80.00 tax included


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