Total Fluid Cleanliness Solutions

Proven Results in Demanding Applications

One Eye Industries offers a series of products designed to help organizations achieve rapid payback with the lowest risk by extending the life of rotating equipment. Each filter is optimized for fluid viscosity, flow volume, flow rate, temperature, mobility, and mounting requirements.

Extend the life of your equipment.

Removing ferrous wear particles down to 4 microns in size

The patented magnetic filter element attracts ferrous wear particles down to 4 microns and below with up to 95+% efficiency.  The magnetic filter element attracts both ferrous and non-ferrous particles. The radial magnetic field design offers incredible holding strength and a high dirt holding capacity.

OEI magnetic filter elements are employed in various housings designed with calculated dwell times for optimal filtration. Magnetic filter elements come in five sizes from 1/2” to 2” OD.

Commercial and Industrial Applications

OEI magnetic filtration is employed internationally by leaders in the oil and gas, mining, commercial and residential building, manufacturing, transportation, food, pharmaceutical, defense, petrochemical, and marine industries.The first OEI filtration system was installed in 2001, and has been proven successful in over 40 countries

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